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Urgent News About Betadine Feminine Wash Review!

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Betadine Feminine Wash Review Review

From: Marilyn Walter
Fremont, California

          Betadine Feminine Wash Review

Women need to feel clean and fresh in their private area, and some are quite contented with what ordinary soaps could provide for them, which is a good cleanse every bath. However, different bodies react differently, and this totally applies to each woman’s physical reactions to certain substance. While soap could give a nice cleansing feeling, it may also make the skin dry. Toilet paper also serves as one of the necessities of every female, but regular use may irritate and even wound the vaginal section, which makes feminine wash a good alternative to such elements.

Betadine Feminine Wash is a product intended for relieving any irritations and itching in the vaginal area, particularly those caused by excessive discharges especially during menstruation and menopause. This may also be used for pregnant women, specifically in helping the natural healing process of cuts after childbirth.

This feminine wash may also be applied as an external genital wash before or after intercourse. It is also said to aid in relieving skin infections. It may also help as a vaginal douche or suppository, treating conditions such as trichomoniasis (a sexually-transmitted infection), non-specific vaginitis caused by either a virus or bacteria, soreness, mixed vaginitis, and candidiasis or yeast infection.

The brand name Betadine is created by Purdue Pharma, a Connecticut-based company founded in 1892 known for this particular brand, which is a range of topical antiseptics based on a povidone-iodine (PVPI) formula. This chemical complex is mainly used for eliminating bacteria that serve as a root for infections or irritations.

As a feminine wash, Betadine Feminine Wash is used by diluting 2 to 3 drops in a palm of water, then, a lather should be formed before applying to the genitals for around 15 seconds and is then rinsed with water. This product, however, should only be used when one experiences itching or irritation, or as indicated by the gynecologist. As a regular wash, the suggested use is twice a week. For treating vaginitis, this is used as a douche and applied daily for around 2 weeks.

Apparently, this feminine wash is not available in the brand’s official website, but a few online stores are selling the product. However, it is not a cheap one, at around $18 per bottle containing 100mL. Furthermore, Betadine Feminine Wash appears to act like medications, and daily use of this product may alter the natural pH level of the vagina, which is not healthy to the organ.


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